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The Business of Artistry provides you with the knowledge & tools to work for yourself so you can live life the way YOU want - Watch my video to learn more:

"If you're just starting out or an experienced artist, the knowledge contained within this program will be invaluable to you. As your instructor, every lesson in this course comes from my 10+ years of personal freelance experience."  - Brett Mogavero

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Entire 45+ Lesson Video Course (16 Hours)

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Course Outline:

1. Intro & Principles (7 Videos)

2. Business Mindset (7 Videos)

3. Technical & Creative (6 Videos)

4. Entities, Taxes & Legal (3 Videos)

5. Project, Time & Money Management (7 Videos)

6. Pricing, Contracts & Invoicing (4 Videos)

7. Website & Portfolio (4 Videos)

8. Networking & Prospecting (5 Videos)

9. Future & Expansion (3 Videos)

"The Business of Artistry doesn't shy away from giving an in-depth look into the more difficult subjects like proper compensation or how to deal with more difficult clients. Brett has a natural charisma that makes his lessons not only entertaining but vastly informative. This guy has many years of freelancing experience under his belt and it shows."

Brandon Berry  /  3D Animator

"Before Brett's course I didn't realize I was massively undercharging for my services. With his help I've been able to scale to a multi-person full time team, and an army of contractors to help me land and retain bigger clients. If you are a freelancer, this course is ESSENTIAL."

Jenn Halweil  /  Filmmaker & Photographer

"I freelanced a while back, read many books, articles, tried to educate myself the best I could, but there’s just so much information out there pointing in so many directions. The Business of Artistry does a great job not only in providing all the essential business knowledge a person needs to know in order to successfully freelance, but also the necessary mental exercises one must practice in order to become a beast in the field!"

Kelsey Hoggard  /  Freelance Animator

"This course fills in that much needed gap of knowledge between freelancer and client. It's a super deep dive into the steps, both physical and mental, that you need to take to become successful on your own in this industry."

Mike Bergman  /  Freelance Video Editor

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Frequently Asked Questions:

My name is Brett Mogavero, and like many of you, I wasn't sure if I had what it took to work for myself full-time. After being fired from my job at a NYC ad agency, I began my freelancing journey. Through trial, error and sheer force of will I grew my freelancer business into a massively successful production company working with big brands and Fortune 500 companies. You can find my company's work here. I have a bachelor's degree in animation and graduated valedictorian from the Art Institute. In my decade of experience as a freelancer, I held creative director and artist positions in commercial video production, visual effects and advertising resulting in 3 Emmy nominations. See more of my qualifications on my LinkedIn page here.

Each lesson varies in length depending on the amount of detail required to effectively convey the skill being taught. Some lessons are less than 8-10 minutes, while others are closer to an hour. Not every lesson comes with a worksheet or activity, but the ones that do can take an hour or be ongoing for weeks or more.

Everyone works at their own pace, but the course will require at least 2-3 months of dedicated work. This does not include the ongoing process of growing your business. If you are working a full-time job in addition to taking this course, it may take you a bit longer. Building a successful freelance business takes continued effort, and you get what you put into it. Ultimately I can show you the proper technique and focus your efforts, but you yourself must take action.

Since we encourage you to not waste any time building your dream life, you are given 1 year access to the training materials. This is plenty of time to get through all of the material even if you are moving at a slower pace than most. When approaching the 1 year mark,  you will receive an email asking if you would like to enroll in our Ongoing Membership for an annual fee. This will give you continued access to the toolkit, training materials, portals and facebook group.

All membership sales are final. However if there is some sort of special case in which you severely misunderstood the purpose of the platform, which is highly unlikely, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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