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First ask yourself if you're ready to start freelancing. Here are 20 questions everyone asks that should help you make up your mind!


The Business of Artistry is an educational platform for artists that desire:

  • More freedom in their lives. 
  • More flexibility with their time.
  • More money in their bank accounts.


Membership to The Business of Artistry includes:


1.  Access to Toolkit: Over 45 video lessons and 30 worksheets containing a over a decade of knowledge from 250 client projects and contract negotiations.

 I cover useful topics such as:

  • How to price your services, using industry averages and actual contracts I have negotiated with my clients.
  • How to network, manifest your own opportunities and leverage your best work.
  • How to establish ongoing relationships to stack your client list and make more money than you ever could working for someone else.


2.  You’ll receive templates to manage client projects, put together contracts, develop your brand, calculate your taxes, create a website, format emails as well as pricing tools to help you ballpark what you should be charging your clients to seal the deal.


3.  An invitation to our private member Facebook Group, giving you the opportunity to interact with me as well as other artists and professionals at different experience levels.

4.  And access to our library of portals, including the upcoming Industry Spotlight video series, featuring interviews with industry professionals making great money working for themselves.


Think of this as the business class that they didn’t offer in institutions that taught you to create, but barely scratched the surface on how to make money doing it.


I hope you will join The Business of Artistry family!


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